Making Cookies with Spent Grain

spent brewing grainOne of the biggest differences in brewing your beer when you make the jump to all-grain brewing, is that grain (duh).  When you are using malt extract to brew, all of your ingredients go into the beer to stay.  Maybe you steep a pound or two of specialty grain, but when you convert to all-grain brewing, you end up with anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of spent grain, depending on the style of beer and size of your batch.

So what the heck do you do with all of this leftover grain!?  This is a question that many crafty home brewers have asked in the past.  A quick Google search will reveal everything from composting to livestock feed to cooking with it.  Yes, I said cooking with it.  Why not?  It tastes good in the beer, so it probably would taste good in your food as well, right?

I was at first intrigued by a blog post by Bull City Homebrew, which outlined several different things you can do with your spent grain.  Of course, my favorite idea was to make cookies!

brewing grain cookiesSo I sent this recipe over to the wife and after I finished with my mash and started the boil, I sent a few pounds of the warm, wet spent grain into the kitchen to the master chef.

We decided to make some chocolate chip cookies based off of the recipe on, only we used 2 tablespoons of melted butter instead of oil and for the nuts, we used walnuts.  We also went ahead and made 2 batches because a single batch just isn’t very many cookies!

spent grain cookiesSo how were they?

The cookies came out tasting quite delicious!  They definitely have a whole-grain taste to them.  It’s very natural and very tasty.  I would highly recommend to any all-grain brewers to consider making a batch.

Cookies are not the only thing that can be made with the spent beer grain, you can make bread, breakfast bars, or even dog biscuits!  We’re thinking about making some bread after the next batch, and I’ll let you know how they turn out.