Atlantic Brew Supply Grand Opening

Atlantic Brew Supply

North Carolina is seeing dramatic growth in the craft beer industries, with many new breweries scheduled to open up in 2013.  But along with the growth in craft beer, we are also experiencing a leap in the number of people interested in brewing their own beer at home.  This has given rise to a new crop of homebrew stores.

Last summer, we announced the opening of Nash Street Homebrew Supply over in Hillsborough, and now, we are lucky enough to announce the opening of a new homebrew shop in Raleigh, Atlantic Brew Supply.

Atlantic Brew Supply is owned by Raleigh Brewing Company, a new craft brewery slated to open in February.  The grand opening for Atlantic Brew Supply will be Sunday, January 13th.  The shop will be selling a full range of ingredients and equipment for homebrewers of all skill levels in a 3,400 square-foot showroom.

When: Saturday, January 13, 2013
Where: 3709 Neil Street (across the street from Meredith College)

Some of the perks of the new store, which is being managed by John Federal (who many of you may remember from American Brewmaster), include grain & malt extract sold by the ounce, bulk discounts for all items, and useful pieces of equipment made locally for homebrewers.

You can also follow the store on Facebook, & Twitter for updates.

Raleigh Brewing Company

Update on Raleigh Brewing Company

Raleigh Brewing Company is owned by Kristie & Patrik Nystedt and will be the first female-owned brewery in North Carolina. They will be opening with a 20 BBL brew system in February 2013 and intend to produce 6 year-round brews, 6 seasonal beers, as well as many experimental beers. The brewery will house a taproom, the Atlantic Brew Supply store, a classroom, and a NEW homebrew competition founded by John Federal called The Carolina Quarterly Brew Off.

Currently, the brewery is completing the application for their NC ABC license before beginning production. But, you can get your hands on some samples before they open when they do a tasting at Bottle Revolution on January 10th from 4:30pm – 7pm.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for future updates.


Dallas Ashe

Make sure that when you come here it is strictly for beer home brewing products and not for wine making products, unless you need something that can be used for both. They are a good store but there is almost no wine support. Go to American Brewmaster instead for wine making purchases.


Morgan Curtis

I was just in the shop and think that it is the best one in the triangle. After moving to Raleigh from CO I needed a new HBS and found Atlantic. I talked to the guys working there and they said that they will have all their wine supplies within the next week or so. Hope that helps some.

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