Following My Dream!

Today, I want to let everyone know how extremely fortunate I am.  Not only have I had the opportunity to brew thousands of gallons of beer, five to ten gallons at a time, learning the art and science of a wonderful craft over the past several years, but I have been given the opportunity to take this passion for creating quality beer and turn it into something more.

That’s right, with the help of a few great partners and investors (@Stuart_Arnold, @MrMoBeer, @1FatFinger) who believe in what we are doing, we will be opening Fortnight Brewing Company in late 2012. (Sorry, not much on the website yet, but we are on Facebook and Twitter)

Fortnight Brewing Co. logo

This is a great opportunity and one that I have dreamed about for a while.  The brewery is not only going to give us a chance to do something we love full-time and become part of an amazing community, but it will allow us to bring some new beer styles and new products into the market that we believe that North Carolina is craving.

Fortnight Brewing will be specializing in English inspired beer.  We believe that beer is a social beverage, so we want to produce a line of beers that cater to the social atmosphere, and it will begin with some great session beers.  We’ll be producing a year-round classic session pale ale that will have plenty of flavor, will be clean and refreshing, and will have an alcohol level that will allow you to have several in a sitting.

We will also be doing some “real ales” – cask conditioned beer served by gravity directly from the cask.  Our goal is to always have a cask or two available at the tasting room that you can compare side-by-side with it’s kegged counterpart.

Fortnight will also be producing a wide array of seasonals and limited release beers, everything from a nut brown to a golden ale; an imperial stout to an IPA.  We hope to provide some great gateway beers that everyone can drink, as well as some fun unique beers to keep everyone excited.

We will be combining traditional English styles with a distinctly local flare.  We’ll be utilizing local ingredients in a lot of our beers and plan to support the local community through various events throughout the year.

It all goes back to our belief that beer is a social beverage that is meant to be shared, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to share some great beer with the great people of North Carolina.  Thanks for all of the support, and I look forward to seeing you at some great tasting events that we will be attending in the coming months!

I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes, I will continue to run because I have met some great people through this venture and have hopefully inspired some great homebrewers.  I believe that the craft beer industry is where it is today due in large part to the popularity of home brewing.  So may breweries are not only founded by home brewers, but supported and recommended and definitely frequented by area home brewers.  I plan to keep this in mind by continuing with this blog as well as doing everything we can at Fortnight Brewing to keep the homebrewing community involved in what we do.

This blog will continue to focus on homebrewing, and we will begin a new blog at that will chronicle our adventures as a new craft brewery in NC – so be sure to keep an eye out for updates coming soon!


David Menzies

This is GREAT news! Have tweeted this, posted to LinkedIn, etc. Anything I can do to help this become reality, let me know.


Thanks David! The key now is just to let everyone know about us. Next step is to get them to try our beer!

Scott Hackett

This is fantastic, I’m really happy for you! Cool idea too, and I know the beers are going to be great. Let us know what we can do to help; I’ll do my best to get the word out.


Thanks Scott! Well the first thing is that we’ll need a couple more sacks of Maris Otter for some test batches…if you know anywhere I could pick some up…haha.

Scott Hackett

Of course… and if you ever need a focus group for those test batches, we’d be happy to help with that too.


Chris, this is awesome!! Congrats! Is there going to be a physical location yet or are you just starting it out of your home? I will spread the word for sure…I’ve been trying to think of a brewery name for a year now for my future brewery…Fortnight is GREAT!


Thanks Ben! Yes, there will be a physical location with a tap room and hopefully a small beer garden. If we’re going to brew session beers, we need a place that caters to a session of drinking! Currently in talks in Raleigh, but nothing is finalized yet.

Glad you like the name. Everyone who understands it, loves it. (Fortnight = 14 nights or 2 weeks = time beer takes to ferment) Other people just know it’s English, which is fine too.

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