Carolina Quarterly Brew-Off Heads into Final Quarter

Carolina Quarterly Brewoff LogoIn it’s first year, the Carolina Quarterly Brew-Off has already held three successful competitions.  With the 4th quarter’s competition looming in the near future, we thought we would recap what this competition is and what makes it unique.

The Carolina Quarterly Brew-Off is the brainchild of John Federal (whom we interviewed a while ago).  John is a brewer over at Raleigh Brewing Company and has formerly helped organize the Piedmont Brewer’s Cup.  The idea of the competition was to do a mini-competition each quarter, then let the four winners subject their brews to the court of public opinion and let the masses decide the champion.

Each quarter only features a small subset of the BJCP categories, in addition to one wildcard category that is run Iron Chef style, with a handful of ingredients pre-selected, but no style defined.

So far, we have seen three quarters go by and produce three quality winning brews.  Registration is open until September 21st for the final quarter, which is limited to the following styles:

  • Berliner-weisse – 17A      Guidelines
  • Dunkelweizen – 15B      Guidelines
  • California Common – 7B      Guidelines
  • Wild Card Beer: You must craft a beer using oak (any variety, any type), Caramunich II malt, & Northern Brewer hops.
Once the four winners have been selected, they will brew another 10-gallons of their winning beer and bring it over to Raleigh Brewing Company to be sampled by the beer-drinking public, which will decide their fate.  And the sole champion will win some great prizes, as well as getting his/her beer brewed and packaged by Raleigh Brewing Company.
For more information on the competition, and to register your entry, head over to the Carolina Quarterly Brew-Off website.  Good luck!