Accepting Entries to the DIY Showcase

sketch of workbench brew standDo you have a sweet RIMS system you just perfected to make the perfect brew?  Or do you have a folding ladder rigged up for your gravity-fed system?  Maybe you built a chiller that chills your beer and does a whirlpool all in under 10 minutes?  Or perhaps you built the most ghetto-fabulous kegorator you’ve ever seen?

If any of these sound like you, I want to see it!  And I want to feature your projects right here on the blog.  I know we have a ton of talented and creative people right here in North Carolina who have built all kinds of great gadgets, gizmos and brewing systems.  I want to show them off.  Anything from the slickest machine to the most ingenious hack jobs.

Hopefully we’ll be able to inspire more creativity through our collective genius…or maybe we’ll just show everyone how crazy southerners believe that if you want things done right, you got to do it yourself!

Entries can be emailed in to


turkey fryer and keggle 3-tier gravity all-grain system
DIY work bench in progress polishing a keggle