First NC Home Brewing Event = Success!

On Wednesday, we hosted our first ever NC Home Brewing event, a home brew swap to celebrate the launch of the new blog.  We met up at Bub O’Malley’s in Chapel Hill and were able to share some great beer and had some very interesting conversation about home brewing and the North Carolina craft beer scene.

I was lucky enough to meet some other fellow beer bloggers and tweeters (is that a word yet?). You all should follow @cylc, as he is hosting the first ever NC Beer live radio show tonight at 7:30pm!

Also, check out:
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I will post some pictures of the event soon, once I can steal them off of my lovely fiancee’s phone.  Also, stay tuned, as I am sure we will be doing some other great home brew and craft beer events in the not-to-distant future.  We came up with some really great ideas at the home brew swap.

To keep up with all of the local events, be sure you are following @NChomebrewing on Twitter and are subscribed to the blog.  We are keeping a fairly up-to-date event calendar that can be found in the sidebar of any page, or see the full calendar by clicking on the events tab in the main nav.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to help us celebrate the launch of what will hopefully be a great blog for all home brewers in (and around) North Carolina!  Cheers!



What beers did you all share?


We had a brown ale, a hefe, an apricot wheat, an ESB, a honey weiz, and a scotch ale. Definitely a good and very interesting selection, from people who had just started brewing up to people who have been brewing for years.


I enjoyed it man! Your beer was fantastic. Looking forward to doing it again. Next time, I plan to have some of my own homebrew to share too.


And I’m looking forward to trying it. Let me know if you need any help getting started or have any questions!

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