Saint Patrick’s Day Homebrew Lesson @ The Cookery

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What better way to spend your St. Patrick’s Day than learning to brew your own beer!?  The holiday most often associated with beer is the perfect chance to see how beer is made and how you can brew up your own batch at home.

Keil Janson, the organizing force behind the successful BrewDurham festival (2012 festival date set for March 31st!), and the VP of the TRUB club will be teaching the lesson.

But what kind of beer will we be making on this most glorious drinking holiday?  Guinness of course!  The world-famous Irish dry stout has been made for generations and we’ll be using a 100 year old recipe to try to recreate this tasty beverage right here in NC.  During the lesson, you will get to watch and learn as Keil works his magic making an all-grain version of the brew, as well as an extract version that you could do on your stovetop at home!

To register online for a spot at the class, visit  The cost is $40 but there are only 12 spaces available.

When: March 17, 2012 at 12:00pm
Where: The Durham Cookery
Register: HERE