Getting some Press!

I just wanted to post a quick blurb to say thanks to WCHL 97.9 for having me on their radio show last week to talk about homebrewing and winning the NC Brewer’s Cup competition at the NC State Fair.

In case you missed it, I have included the link to the story on the Chapelboro website (with the audio recording) below.  Be sure to check it out to hear about the winning beer, as well as where you can catch up with us to sample some of the other brews we have in the pipeline.

Story on (WCHL) about NC Brewer’s Cup

Additionally, a big shout out to the Daily Tar Heel for publishing a Q&A with me in the paper last week.  We got to talk about the winning beer as well as how easy it is for anyone to start brewing.  We also discussed how I first started brewing while a student at UNC (and coincidentally, working at the DTH).

Daily Tar Heel Q&A about Homebrewing