Homebrew vs Lonerider Sweet Josie Tasting

Word has been traveling quickly via Twitter about a challenge that was initiated (by yours truly) to Lonerider Brewery.  What sort of challenge, you say?  Well, since Lonerider’s brown ale, Sweet Josie, recently came back to Raleigh with a gold medal from the Great American Beer Festival, I decided it would be interesting to compare a batch of my own brown ale to this award-winning brew.

To do this, we have organized a blind taste testing to be hosted in conjunction with NCbrewing.org.  What we will do is pass around tasting glasses of each of the two beers and allow everyone to rate them and give feedbacak, without knowing which beer is the Lonerider, or which beer is my aptly-named “Cowboy Killer.”

To be honest, I fully expect that every single person will prefer Sweet Josie (heck, it is a fine beverage), but I am a strong believer that to brew a great beer, you need to put yourself up against the best.  I am looking forward to getting some great feedback from those attending the tasting, and I am sure we will all have a good time.

The tasting is absolutely free (see the legality of homebrewing in NC), but it is limited in the number of people we can have attend.  The tasting will be held at 7:30pm this Wednesday (8/31) in Carrboro.  The event is filling up, but there are some spots still remaining.

If you are interested in attending, or just want some more info, send me an email at NChomebrewing@gmail.com, and I will add you to the list.  Once we get all of the RSVPs, I will send out an email to directions to the tasting.

*NOTE: This event is not being sponsored by Lonerider Beer.  While they do support our event and wish they were able to attend, they are not involved in the planning or execution of the tasting.



1) how are there still spots open?
2) I am floored that LoneRider stepped up
3) I am really excited.

I think is was really cool how the whole thing developed.


Hi Charles – it is definitely really cool that this worked out. Wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t brought it up!

1) There are 7 spots remaining – spread the word!

2) Yes, Lonerider was great to work with. Their CEO gave me his email address and we exchanged emails and I was introduced to their new “Marketing Manager Outlaw” who really wanted to make an event out of this and make it a cross-promotion for their “Brew it Forward” competition. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it happen for a few more weeks, and my keg is dangerously close to empty so I wasn’t going to be able to hold out that long. We’ll probably try to do some other promotions with them as we get closer to the 2012 Brew it Forward competition (I will at least be winning entering that competition!).

3) Me too.


UPDATE: There are only 5 spots remaining!

Also – Lonerider Beer is being gracious enough to toss us a 12-pack of Sweet Josie to use for the tasting.

So that’s free homebrew and free NC craft beer from Lonerider! If you are interested in joining, let us know ASAP and reserve your spot!

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