Homebrew for Hunger Festival Information

homebrew for hunger logoTickets went on sale this week for the Homebrew for Hunger festival that will be held in Chapel Hill on November 12, 2011.  The event is being organized by Fifth Season Gardening Co. in Carrboro.  Tickets to attend are $20 in advance or $25 at the door.

Additionally, they are still accepting homebrewers that are willing to serve their beer at the event.  If you do, you get free admission and 25% off up to $50 of ingredients from any Fifth Season location.

I was lucky enough to get the inside scoop from J Beckham, one of the home brew gurus at Fifth Season and one of the co-organizers for this year’s event.  Below is a Q&A about this year’s event:

Q: Where did the idea for the festival come from?  How did it first start?
The idea came from two primary sources.  First, from the World Homebrew Festival that has been operating in Carrboro and Chapel Hill for a couple of years, most recently at the Nightlight.  Caleb Rudow and Ethan Johnston have been responsible for putting those amazing events together.  Caleb was the manager of this Fifth Season location and Ethan is still the homebrew guru around here.  With Caleb moving away this last winter there was an opportunity for someone to step in with that festival.  Second, the hydroponic industry has a hunger alleviation initiative called “Hydro for Hunger”… with Fifth Season stepping in to sponsor the event, the two ideas were sort of blended.

Q: How is this event going to be different from other festivals?  Other beer festivals, homebrew festivals, etc?
This is Fifth Season’s first festival and we are excited about it.  We are hoping to blend some of the best things about a homebrew festival with some of the nice things about craft beer festivals by putting homebrewers and commercial brewers side by side and allowing the general public to see how related those activities, passions,and skill sets are.

Q: Tell me a little about the homebrew competition.  What are the categories and how do you enter?
The competition is kind of a surprise, but will be mostly informal and will allow the brewers to have a say about the best beers in the house.  We plan to have a little fun with it though.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most about the festival?
The panel discussion, definitely.

Q: How did you select the Food Bank of Central and Eastern as your charity of choice?
A: Knowing that we wanted to use this event to fight hunger, particularly because it is taking place just a few weeks before the holidays, we wanted to pair up with an organization with an excellent reputation for making a significant impact in our community.  The food bank does tremendous work in this region and we are proud to be donating all proceeds to their mission.

Q:Give us some idea of which craft breweries will be there and how many homebrewers and attendees you are expecting.
A: Currently we’re expecting Mystery Brewing Company, Fullsteam, Carolina Brewery, Bull City Burger and Brewery, Big Boss, (and potentially Top of the Hill).  We will have room for upwards of 35 homebrewers and we still have lots of room, so tell your friends to sign up!

So there you have it, if you are a brewer and want to share your beer and get some great feedback, sign up to brew for the Homebrew for Hunger Festival.  Also, they are looking for volunteers as well, so if you don’t have any brew ready to serve, you can certainly volunteer, or just by a ticket and enjoy the afternoon!

I hope to see a lot of you there.  We will be serving a Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter and a Winter Warmer Spiced Ale out of the new trashcan kegorator, so stop by and say hello!