Swap time!

Over the past few months, several people have said that we should organize a big homebrew swap so that all of the homebrewers in NC can get together, meet each other, and try some great beer.  Well, the wheels have been turning and we have teamed up with the Craft Beer Collective to host a HUGE swap event!

Beer and glass swap

Not only will there be a homebrew swap, but it will combine with the 2nd annual glass swap, so you can also bring in your pint glasses, tulip glasses, pilsner glasses, goblets, tumblers, mugs, yards, flutes, etc. and trade up.  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We will also be doing a brown bag craft beer bomber swap, where you’ll be able to blindly swap your craft beer with other craft beer enthusiasts.

When: Sunday, April 1st
Where: Big Boss Brewery, Raleigh
Cost: FREE! Just bring whatever you want to swap because you can only take as much as you bring.


1pm – 2:00pm
Set up.  Find a flat surface and set up your goods!

Glass Swap!

3:00 pm Homebrew Trade
A table will be dedicated for the Homebrew Trade. Place your well labeled home brew on the table, you will be assigned a number. Pick in order until all the beers are gone!

3:30 pm Brown Paper, Craft Bomber Exchange
Similar to the homebrew exchange, please bring your quality craft beer bomber in a brown paper bag. Place your beer on the table and you will be assigned a number! It’s sort of like beer Christmas!

Homebrew Swap Suggestions

To make sure everything goes smoothly, we are encouraging all home brewers to label their bottles as uniformly and as clearly as possible.  Please attach a label (it can be regular paper attached with a rubber band) with the following information:

  • Beer Name
  • Beer Style
  • Brewer’s Name (and Twitter handle if applicable)
  • ABV%
  • Any other relevant notes, special ingredients, etc.

If there is demand for it, I can create a template that you can print out and use to label your beer.  Just let me know if that would be helpful.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and trying some great homebrew.  It will be a great weekend for homebrew in the triangle, as the Brew Durham Festival is on Saturday, March 31st.  So come on out for a great weekend of trying everything that NC homebrewers have to offer!