Homebrew Academy Partnership

Homebrew Academy LogoYou may have noticed over the past week or so that several of the (admittedly ugly) google ads on the site have been replaced by some ads for the Homebrew Academy.  I thought it would be worth writing a post to let everyone know why there are ads on the blog, and why I have chosen to place these particular ads throughout the site.

Unfortunately, nothing in life is free.  I pay out of my own pocket to host the blog.  Thus, to offset some of that cost, I use Google AdSense to show a handful of display ads.  Is it profitable?  No.  I make a few bucks a month to help partially cover what it costs to run the site.  And I figure a few ads on the site isn’t going to keep you from reading the posts, so I see it as a good trade.  I still spend money to keep the site up, but I enjoy it and it is worth it to me when I feel like people are getting something valuable out of it.

Last fall, I wrote a guest post for the Homebrew Academy blog about the beer that I brewed for my wedding last summer and the benefits of brewing the same recipe many times.  Since then, I have kept up with their blog and stayed in touch with Billy Broas, the founder of the Homebrew Academy, who also runs his own blog at billybrew.com.

In an effort to attract some new brewers to try out the Homebrew Academy, Billy asked me if I could put some ads up on my site.  In return, if anyone clicks over from NC Homebrewing to Homebrew Academy and purchases any of the programs, I will earn a commission, which in turn will help to offset the cost of running the site.

This seems like a great deal, not only because I like Billy and want to see him succeed, but also because what the Homebrew Academy offers is a fantastic product that I actually do support.  Even if you don’t purchase anything, it is worth checking out the site and blog, as I have found it to be a valuable resource on many occasions.  I cannot speak from experience, since I did not participate in the Homebrew Academy program, but from what I have heard, it does seem to be a great program where you can learn a lot about brewing for a very low cost.  And it’s much easier than learning everything the hard way.  Being able to avoid some early mistakes will definitely make you enjoy brewing more and hopefully make your beer better for it!

To sum it all up: Am I trying to use the NC Homebrewing blog and its readers to get rich?  No.  Am I selling out?  I think not.  But I did want to make sure that everyone was aware of why there were new ads throughout the site.  Hopefully you won’t find them offensive.  And if you do, then you’re welcome to pay my hosting fees for me and I will take them down!