Follow-Up Review: GrogTag *Dry Erase* Keg/Carboy Labels

A few months back, I posted a review of the GrogTag beer bottle labels and the keg/carboy labels.  They’re a great product, but in my review I mentioned that one of the difficulties with the keg/carboy labels is that the material does not work well with crayon, which is the required utensil if you plan on re-using the labels.  The crayon works much better on the reusable bottle labels, but on the keg/carboy labels, the crayon just wouldn’t stick.

Well, GrogTag has answered!  Not long after my post, GrogTag announced new dry erase keg/carboy labels.  While they still can’t be moved from one keg/carboy to another (like the bottle labels), the new material allows you to use dry erase markers to label your fermenting or carbonating brews, with the promise of being easy to erase and re-use many times.

I wanted to try out these new labels to see if they fixed the issue with the crayon specific labels, so I had the good folks at GrogTag send a few over my way to test out.  I have been using them now for a few months and I honestly could not be happier.  While some of the same concerns from my previous post still apply (they’re too large for the textured carboys, they can’t be removed and re-adhered, etc.), from a readability standpoint, these are 100-times better than the previous model.

Here’s a photo of a keg I have with the new dry erase label.  It’s easy to read and super easy to write on and clean up.  I have used them several times just to confirm how they hold up over time.  This keg label has been used for at least 3 different beers.

 GrogTag keg label

I do want to be 100% transparent – I am an affiliate partner with GrogTag, so if you click through my links to their site and end up purchasing anything, I do get a percentage of the sale.   You also get 10% off your order with the coupon code nchb at checkout!  That being said, my goal is not to trick my readers into buying a crappy product.  I will only endorse products that I believe in, and I will write honest reviews of them.  But I do want to provide that transparency.

Additionally, GrogTag has recently released some new products that I have not yet had a chance to check out – custom bottle caps and metal bar signs.  You can design your own caps for your brew and give your home bar or brewery a unique look with their fully customizable bar signs.  While I have not yet tried out either of these, if they’re of similar quality to their other customizable products, then I am sure that the printing will be fantastic and they will look and work great.

If anyone does end up purchasing and using any of these products, and you have a similar or different experience, I would love to hear about it.  Feel free to leave any comments below!