BrewDurham 2012 Recap

If you were not out at the Scrap Exchange in Durham on Saturday afternoon or evening, then you missed out!  A big thanks goes out to Keil Jansen and the folks at the Scrap Exchange for putting on a great festival for the second year in a row.

There was a sold out crowd of 300 festival goers split between the two sessions, added to 25 or so brewers with over 75 gallons of beer, and it made for a great day.  Not to mention the awesome live music and the two food trucks (Pie Pushers and Chirba Chirba Dumplings).

brew durham festival crowd

We showed up with five gallons of a sour ale with a hint of peanuts. This was an eye-catching offering that was a big hit.  It was fun to see people’s eyes light up after trying a sour beer for the first time, and a sour beer with peanuts made it that much more interesting!

Also on our table was a cask-conditioned ESB that had been dry-hopped with Fuggles.  While a little hazy for my liking and slightly under-carbonated (even for a cask), the beer was delicious and smooth.  I am fairly confidant that Katy and I drank a few gallons ourselves!  It was definitely nerve-racking though because we had NO IDEA if it was going to be any good because it had been conditioning in the cask and we couldn’t take our first taste until we tapped it about an hour prior to the first session.  It was a scary feeling, but it all worked out and the beer was delicious.

First cask fortnight brewing

It was fun to talk about cask ales and English styles with festival goers, as that is what Fortnight Brewing Company will be all about.  We made some great new friends and fans gathering around the cask throughout the day.

Our beer was not the only good beer at the festival, however.  Almost every beer I tried was absolutely delicious.  Steel String had a very exciting coffee IPA that was a big hit as well.

All-in-all, it was a great event that raised almost $8,000 for the Scrap Exchange and everyone had a great time.  We are already looking forward to attending again next year and trying some more of the outstanding homebrew that is being produced right here in North Carolina!

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