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Monthly Beer Education and Sensory Training Classes


Interested in learning about the various different flavors in beer, what causes them, when you should and should not experience them, and even how to avoid them when homebrewing? Also interested in learning more about beer styles from all of the various regions of the world (and getting to taste some great examples)?

If so, sign up now for the NC Homebrewing beer education series, “Beer Study @ Beer Study.”

The classes will alternate between off-flavor/sensory training and geographic beer style history and tasting each month (schedule below). Classes will be held once a month on the 2nd Sunday of the month at the Beer Study bottle shop in Carrboro, NC at 7:00pm.

Sensory Training Classes

  • Includes six different flavors each time.
  • Taste the flavors and discuss how to describe them and what can cause them. And for the homebrewers, we will discuss how these flavors can be prevented (or enhanced).
  • Each class will be 6 new flavors, there will be no repeats.
  • The registration fee will cover a control sample plus 6 other samples, as well as notes to take home.
  • The Beer Study will also be including a 1/2 pint of one of their draft beers so you don’t have to only drink beer with off-flavors.
  • Limited to 15 people per class.

Geographic Style History Classes

  • Includes a presentation on the history and unique qualities of beer from a specific region of the world.
  • Each of these classes will focus on a different region.
  • Sample and discuss several beers that represent the region and talk about what we taste.
  • You will be provided with notes to take home.
  • Beer Study will provide a 1/2 pint of a draft beer for you to enjoy as well.
  • Limited to 20 people per class

**10% of the profits will go to support the NC Brewer’s Cup so that we can continue to have a homebrew competition at the State Fair.**

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Nov 10: American Beer Styles
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