AHA Mead Day

Mead day logoAugust 6th is the American Homebrewers Association’s Mead Day.  Originated by the AHA in 2002, AHA Mead Day was established to draw attention to the art of meadmaking and to bring meadmakers together for a brew session.

If you have not yet made a batch a mead (honey wine), I highly encourage you to try it.  It is delicious and VERY easy.  Mead is similar to beer making in that it is a fermented beverage (and you can use a lot of the same equipment), but it does not require an hour-long boil or the addition of hops.  The fermentation period for mead is typically longer than your average home brew beer.

For more information on mead making and to learn more about the AHA Mead Day, head over to the American Homebrewers Association website!