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UPDATE (12/17/16): Chris Creech is no long a contributing author or owner of the NC Homebrewing website (Changing Ownership of NC Homebrewing). You can follow him via The Glass Jug or The Craft Beer Insider.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the articles on NC Homebrewing have been written by Chris Creech.  Chris is a Certified Cicerone, a Recognized BJCP beer judge, and an award-winning homebrewer.

Chris is a contributing writer to several beer and homebrewing blogs and publications, including Serious Eats, NC Beer Magazine, and Homebrew Academy.  Additionally, Chris turns custom wooden tap handles and sells them via his store on Etsy.  To see some of his handywork, simply visit Bottle Revolution, Beer Study, or Steel String Brewery.



Jonathan Long

Hey Chris,

I am finishing up a build on my first Keezer! I would love to put some sharp looking tap handles on it but wanted something original looking. Not sure if the offer still stands to turn wooden tap handles at cost, but if you’re looking for more practice I’m interested. I don’t know anyone (personally) around Wilmington, NC where I live that does this. Figured I would ask.



Bob Sheck

Hey Chris-

Is this web site up to date? Just wondering


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